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Independent contractor with lots of experience in high-quality research, interviewing and writing

Experienced, creative writer of website copy, blogs, FAQs, online help, white papers, governance, guides, manuals, training, presentations, scripts, speeches, articles, newsletters, business plans, press releases and quick reference

Adept at understanding new products and topics ranging so far from energy, finance and pharmaceutical to software on a very in-depth level. Know the mix of medical and technology well. Especially jazzed by highly technical topics such as computer networking, aerospace, robotics and biotechnology

Available for clients that value:

All Bases Covered. My content is written clearly and easy to understand. I make sure the content is accurate so the client gets a complete and reliable product.

Punch. I create usable content so the reader can find the information quickly. I like saying things in a punchy, creative way rather than the constant “To do this, do that”.

Detective work. The know-how to chase down information from all kinds of sources. I usually catch it. If I have to interview people, depending on the person, I use humor just before I start grilling them!

Speed. My motto is why make people wait? I don’t enjoy downtime, so I orchestrate my work efficiently to get it off my desk and to the reviewer fast.

Audience analysis. I listen to the client to find out what makes the audience “tick”; namely, who they are, what they know, what they need to know, their pain points, business needs and issues. Then, I can communicate with the audience in the right voice, and drive them to do something such as accept an offer, perform a procedure accurately, respond to a posting...

Beauty. I don’t like ugly content where the information looks like a dog’s dinner because it’s frustrating and difficult to read. To me, it’s not high quality content unless it's easy on the eye and usable. I enjoy restructuring and rewriting content to create something beautiful and polished out of the chaos.

Peace. Human relations within any team make or break a piece of work. I take care to play my part in creating a peaceful team experience. I treat people equally, respect my clients, and enjoy collaborating with people to get the work done.

Respect for client’s information confidentiality. Highly experienced in managing, with discretion, information with different levels of confidentiality such as public, private, restricted, and secret. I take great care to safeguard the confidentiality of my client’s information. Unless the information is public or I receive permission from my client, I do not include it in my portfolio.

Need some quick writing tips? Contact me for my How to write effectively when you’re in a real hurry... tip sheet.


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