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    April 21, 2008


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    Michele Marques

    Of the two, I prefer Frame. I've experienced Frame crashes, but it does seem more robust than Word.

    I disagree, however, about it being complex to learn. I've taught several people to use FrameMaker, and it is quite easy to get started using existing templates in unstructured Frame. I think Word just seems easy because it is so pervasive.

    Giselle Conyette


    Thank you for your comment. You made some excellent points. It's always great to hear other points of view.


    Hi Giselle - you and I have been chatting via Facebook :)

    I absolutely LOVE Frame. I haven't had the opportunity to actually use it in recent years, as most of my contracts had been using Word. I think I may have convinced my new employer to switch to Frame - let's hope.

    Giselle Conyette


    Thank you for your comment. I hope you employer does switch to Frame especially if you are working with large documents and want to do single sourcing.


    Hi Giselle,

    Definately Frame. After long discussions I convinced my client to get all our existing word documents into frame. But I am not sure till what extent I will be successful. If you have any tips and tricks for the same please advise me.

    Giselle Conyette

    Thank you Anil for your comment. I will definitely pass onto you any new tips and tricks I learn.

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