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    June 05, 2008


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    Intercall is very similar to almost all of the other web conferencing solutions in today’s market. It has the same common, audio, video, and web conferencing features that almost every provider now includes in their service. I called Intercall to get some pricing and wow! I could not believe how much it could potentially cost. They want $0.10/min for the teleconferencing portion and $.20/min for the web conferencing. Who wants to pay per a minute per a participant to have a conference? At that rate corporations would be rushing to get off the phone in order to save money. Impressive features but could be pricey. I agree with you though web conferencing is a great way to save money as mentioned and to help the environment rather than having to travel to each individual meeting; it is much more efficient all around.

    Giselle Conyette

    Thank you for your comment, Heather. It's always great to hear from my readers.

    Generally, the prices in technology are dropping. For example, in the 80's, only rich people could have afforded a cell phone. Now, you can buy one for $100.00 or less. I believe the same will happen for web conferencing technologies. Right now, they are expensive. But I believe that prices will drop as customer demand increases.


    Seeing that you have been blogging for a while, I was wondering if you were going to be attending the upcoming Blogworld Expo Conference in Las Vegas on Friday, September 19th- Sunday, September 21st. I am going with my company, Cool Conference Live, if you are going we should arrange to meet up. I look forward to your response.
    P.s. I couldn’t find an address to email you at

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