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    April 17, 2008


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    Steven Smith

    Great article! I would have to agree with you that blogging is definitely here to stay and I think there may come a day where those who didn't start blogging may regret it. Obviously there are reasons to use a website rather than a blog, but why not use a blog to start out and use it as a launching pad to a website that then becomes a companion to the blog?

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Michele Marques

    Welcome to the blogosphere. :-) If you add tags or categories to important posts, that will help automate setting up navigation to your articles.

    Giselle Conyette


    Thank you for your comment. I'm glad we got in early on in the game of blogging. You are right. A blog can be a launching pad to a website.

    Giselle Conyette


    Thank you for your comment. I will have to look into this.

    Max Haroon, President Society of Internet Professionals (SIP)

    Just to comment on your blog vs website:

    1. I have been preaching to everyone, get some visibility, regardless of what you do or where you are in your career, and blogging (most of them are free) is an excellent way to start.

    2. It reduces the work of optimizing, as the infrastructure or framework does a lot for you.

    3. I am a strong believer in having an email address with your own domain name or your your organization's domain name.

    (a) permanency in your email address
    (b) A good place to host your own profile

    View the page: Why You Should Have a Website
    with Your Name as its Domain?

    Giselle Conyette


    Thank you for your comment. You made some excellent points and provided great food for thought.

    Giselle Conyette
    Director, Con-Yet Incorporated
    Technology Creatively Captured in Words
    Voice 416-593-7987

    Milan Davidovic

    Well, that raises the question of how you start *anything* when you're starting from a blank page. I suppose one could start with:

    - Looking at instructional materials for the sort of thing I want to create.
    - Looking at examples of the sort of thing I want to create.
    - Finding experienced people to answer my questions (e.g. when I see a discrepancy between an example and what instructional materials say).
    - Trying out ideas and getting feedback.

    Not the quick way to do things, but I think it's more effective in the long run.

    Giselle Conyette


    You made some excellent points. I especially like the point of looking at examples to get the creative juices going.

    Hotel web site seo

    All I can say is wow. That is a lot of information. I wonder how long it took to come with an article that long and how long you have been pondering on the ideas express here.

    Giselle Conyette

    Thank you Hotel web site seo for your comment. I was wrestling between starting with a blog or website and decided to start with a blog first.

    Today, I am just finishing my website, and my suspicions are confirmed. Website design is a headache! And, I'm glad I started with a blog first.

    Tania Cagney

    Blogging is indeed a great way to start establishing your online presence, Giselle. Especially if you're just starting to build your brand, you don't need to have your own website right away. In Ohio, blogging is a popular way of tapping a market. Since most blog platforms are free, they just invest their time in website design and content. That's how I got to know most of the new businesses here in the state.

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